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Buying or selling a domain name by yourself can be Intimidating and difficult.
Let DNSpecialists help you buy or sell domain names on your behalf. 
There are many different ways to buy or sell domain names through DNSpecialists: from our own Inventory of domain names at NameSelling.com, through a third party domain name auction or pending delete service. 
We can also help you buy a domain name directly from a domain name owner.

Picking the type of domain name you want to buy or sell depends on many things, most importantly what your goal is, in regards to owning domain names.
That being said, the average person around the world can relate to .Com domain names more than any other domain name extension. 
That is not to say that other domain name extensions are bad, but .Com is still the king. 

Here is a quick lesson on domain names:
The domain name Industry looks big, but it is small compared to other Industries.
Domains are names and domaining or naming, is the buying and selling of domain names, hoping to make a profit.

Domain names are registered at a registrar like GoDaddy.com, through a registry Verisign.com, have annual renewal dates and fees. 
You must give your personal or business information (Whois) to a domain name registrar, in order to be registered as an owner of a domain name.

There are many different types of domain names that you can own.
These domain names have extensions like .COM .NET .ORG (TLDs Top level Domains), .CO .US .CA (ccTLDs Country Code TLDs) or .INFO .CLUB .XYZ (gTLDs Generic TLDs).

Once you have bought your domain name, you still have to link that domain name to your website or social media account. 

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